Canonicus'Bow I-IV  [2014]

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Part I

This work grew out of my attempt to walk the Moshassuck River. I was motivated towards this modest goal by curiosity for a nearby landscape and a desire to walk beyond the pavement and in a wilderness, if only that fringe wilderness that exists on the margins of city and town." Read on...

Part II

The water chatters, over falls, falls over. Behind an apartment building bearing its name built on the bones of a textile mill. Quite lively at the edge of a parking lot. What did the canal do when it got here? Was it here? You can follow water but you can’t go where water goes.

Part III

...imagine the ghost of the daguerreotypist, preparing his plate and hauling his tripod and camera down to the station, year after year, focusing his brass lens on the same horrific pile of splintered wood and twisted iron.

Part IV

The meat packers are dead. The meat packing plant gone but remains. Canal gone but remains.